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My life in Tsukuba , Club activities

Hi guys, My name is Thanakrit, I know it is difficult to say it so just call me Got or Kot what ever you want to :) I am from Phuket, Thailand. I am here to share my great experience about joining the club in Tsukuba University which i have a lot of memorable experience. (私の日本語が下手だけどから、英語を使られる ごめんなさい ^^")

First of all I would like to talk about how could I join the club. I joined 2 clubs in Tsukuba. First is field hockey club and second is Kashima-Shingryu club(I am not sure about the spelling). Let's talk about Kashima-Shingryu first, to make it easy it is about Japanese combat with sword, knife, umbrella, bare-hand etc. or we can say that this is the art of "Samurai". I remembered that i was on my bicycle, and one of the club member came with my friend on the way to somewhere and my friends invited me to have dinner together with the club at Indian restaurant. We had long conversation about what is Kashima-shingryu then i was interested to join with them, then the day after that tomorrow i decided to join the club. About the practice schedule they had practice in every evening on Tuesday Thursday and Saturday. I had learned about how to carry the sword (the wooden sword, do not be scary ), combating, hand-combating etc. I was very happy and enjoy because i learned about Japanese traditional art which was very difficult to get this kind of opportunity again. The club member which mostly are Japanese friend are very kind and helpful because not only practicing but they took me to Kashima Jingu Grand Shrine the birth place of Samurai which was established 660 years BC. The historical place with long time story. I made me goosebumps and here made me interested about Japanese's traditional.

Next club that i joined is field hockey club, I joined this club because my Brazilian buddy who name is Bruno asked me to joined this club together. (In Phuket I like to played soccer, so I am very interested in sport). I met Omori (who i had met at Omochi club before) and he told me how to play. First time that i played i felt it was a bit difficult, but after that i felt that it quiet similar to soccer and i thought I did well on hockey and i really like it sooo much ! We had some friendly match with high-school team in Ibaraki prefecture and they were so great! then we went to watch professional field hockey game, this was my first time to watch this sport. I kept joining practicing until my last day in Tsukuba. All of the members is very very kind and awesome, maybe because the members are men so we could understand each other easily and have the same tasted, so we can share any sport knowledge together and some of them are big fan of soccer ! So i had very memorable time with them.

Tips about joining the club in Tsukuba

- First month of joining the club activities. they took you to dinner and everything was free! until you join the club officially.

- On the day that you join the club officially they bring you to very good restaurant to have some party together.

- Most of them are Japanese, so here is the best place for practicing your Japanese.

- Please try to join some club when you were at Tsukuba, You will discover new experience :)

Last thing I would like to say thank you to all of my friend that i had met in Tsukuba, who bring the best memory to me and i would like to meet all of you guys again. 友達に会いたいです。また会いましょう。

Last day with Field hockey club.

To prove that I joined the club wwww

Friendly match

Welcome party with Mr. Omori

Picture with head of Kashimashingryu club

Kashima Jingu Grand Shrine

Thank you ありがとうございます

Thanakrit Charoenrit Got



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