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貴方の国の話を聞かせて/Let me know the stories in your country!










I don’t know well about the stories of Hong Kong, South Korea, Virus in China, the forest fire in Australia or the deforestation in Amazon because I’m so naive, so foolish, and numb with peace.

I want to listen your living words. I want to listen wonderful or sad stories in your home countries full of subjective words. I want to learn from you.

Tsukuba has nothing to see, I don’t know that students in this university are clever or not. I didn’t hope to enter this university at first. Ibaraki prefecture is worst attractive in Japan. My GPA is not so good. I always watching my smartphone on my bed.

However, I met a lot of wonderful people from all over the world unexpectedly in Tsukuba. I was so sad when some of my friends went back their home. I have learned a lot of stories from all of them. I was grown little by little by them.

I don’t want to finish this relationship as just “good meeting”. I’d like to talk with you until morning even though it is embarrassing stories for you to speak.

That is the reason why I made this website. Let me listen your voice. I will read your articles with my eyes wide open, listen your stories super carefully, and discuss with big interested. Even the number of preview is 1, I will listen your voice. Please share your opinion.

I’m looking forward to reading your posts. I want to listen you together with the people who doesn’t think anything, who think these opinions as lame, and who attacks every articles without opinion.




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